About Us

Group Introduction

Xiamen 258 Group is a leading internet technology company. Over a decade, company have been focusing on helping small and medium companies lower the threshold of internet marketing. We have integrated our intelligent technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data Analysis and Artificial Network Promotion into our products and services in order to support small and medium companies to enter e-commerce business easier, smarter and cheaper.

During the past 19 years, 258 Group has served over 300k customers, cumulated over 10 Million B2C website traffics and constructed our own big data storage of over 1 Billion business data indexes. After these year’s accumulation, we have developed a powerful “Self-Thinking and Learning System” which supports our 258jituan.com platform and dozens of other service systems.

We believe that technology can change everything. We take technology as our core, product as our orientation, platform as our basic, service as our value, customer as our foundamental concept in order to creat a trustworthy brand image of our comprehensive internet marketing service.

Corporate Vision:To become the pacemaker in the industry of providing “Internet Plus” service
Corporate Mission:Connect the enterprise with the Internet that thinks about everything, and lower the "Internet +" threshold for small, medium, and micro enterprises.
Core values:Technolgy as the core, product as the orientation platform as the basic, service as the value, customer as the foundation.
Business Philosophy:platform-based、Low cost、One-stop
Corporate Culture:Openness、Progress、Gratefulness、Transcendence
Corporate Slogan:Defend the dignity of small, medium and micro enterprises in the Internet era!