Global Data Mining

Our global data mining system can provide our clients with hundreds or even thousands pieces of potential buyers’ information, including e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, company names, facebook homepages within minutes.

Real Time Date Update

By typing product keywords, our web crawler will grab data such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, company names from Google, social network sites and yellow pages. Our customers can take the initiative rather than wait.

High Efficiency Makes Every Second Count

Using Cloud Caching Technology, our special Cloud Scheduling System can run multiple tasks at the same time. Without waiting for queues, our web crawler can grab thousands pieces of potential buyers’ information within minutes. Plus our unique Big Data Analysis System helps foreign trade companies maximize their sales efficiency and minimize labor cost.

Precision Marketing Avoids Invalid Information

Based on our deep optimized Cloud Web Crawler Technology, We will fully collect all potential buyers’ information. Any related e-mail address or contact number will be listed. Provided with various contact information, you can always get to the right person.

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