Marketing Automation Makes Marketing Easier

  • Low cost
    Low Cost

    Self-adaption to different e-mail systems. Point to Point direct marketing.

  • Easy to track
    Campaign Progress Tracking

    Automatically track the volume of e-mail sending, e-mail opening, e-mail transferring and in-mail link clicking.

  • Wide spread
    Wide Spread

    Multi-channel access to the target customers . Global customers are at your choice.

  • Accurate delivery
    Precise advertisement

    By the big data pool of customers, products are be advertised to the targt customers.

  • Rich content conversion rate
    E-mail Template Library

    Mass e-mail template library for free switch. High convert ratio.

International professional marketing platform

  • Exquisite E-mail Template

    Our advanced e-mail editor can help you easily creat and edit e-mails, upload multiple graphics, and provide hundreds of exquisite e-mail templates, through which your e-mail can be perfectly displayed on PC, tablet, smart phone or any other devices.

  • Mass E-mail Marketing

    You can easily send mass e-mails online without installing softwares. With our leading-edge tecnology, a good relationship with well known e-mail service providers, and regular e-mail sending system, we ensure your e-mail delivery success ratio.

  • Campaign Progress Tracking And Analysing

    Advanced, precisie and quantitative analysis function helps you fully understand the marketing effect, monitor each e-mail sending, e-mail opening, e-mail transferring, in-mail link clicking, unsubscribing, and greatly improve the return on investment.

  • Synchronize Target Customers Into CRM System

    Synchronize e-mail campaign data with inquiry data, customs data, exhibition data into customer relationship management system. Easy access to target customers, less work, less time, but more accuracy.